Still Life with Giant Lemon Mixed Media Painting by Ann Ravenshield

Still Life with Giant Lemon Mixed Media Painting by Ann Ravenshield

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Painting of a giant sized lemon in acrylic paint, with my new style metal foil background and signature painting border. The metal foil pattern wraps around the sides of the stretched canvas so there is no need for framing. Size is 8x10" and this work comes with professional D-rings and picture wire ready to hang.

The story behind this painting is a long one, going back to 2019, when I had a lucid vision of a giant painted lemon when in a trance state. So I set to work painting lemons to capture the vibe of the vision. As it happens, it may have been a case of life imitating art as I found the biggest lemon I have ever seen last year and broguht it home to my studio and this is one of the paintings that emerged.

I don't think too much when I paint, to allow the work to just be. I feel this one has turned out a little like something from the Middle Ages.

Painted in the contemporary style though, as we no longer have one light source in modern interiors and I like my works to nestle into their destined environments!

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have about this piece, as I am happy to assist you.

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