Go In Peace! Reiki Grid Painting

Go In Peace! Reiki Grid Painting

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Given that it has been impossible for quite some time, to offer in person Reiki sessions, or teach face to face due to current restrictions with the pandemic globally, I have decided to paint the Reiki symbols which is necessarily breaking a convention. However as the world situation is so dire, changes in the way Reiki healing is approached needs to happen. To put it simply, we need to move with the times. I have 30 years experience as a Reiki Master with two Masters certifications from different Reiki lineages (involving countless hours of Reiki practice during ths time) I feel this is the best way forward for me to continue offering healing sessions by combining my Reiki healing practice with my painting. I have been painting and drawing all my life.

This Reiki grid has three healing symbols, the first from the left is called Cho ku rei, which means "put the power here!" It is like a light switch. It is used for empowerment and protection. Reiki can only ever be used for good, it will cancel out anything other than what is good. Although that process may be a circuitous route. The second symbol is Sei He Ki - the mental and emotional healer, it is used to achieve balance and harmony. The bottom right symbol is a form of Raku which is for grounding energy and link breaking, usually this is done at the end of a healing session to cut ties between the healer and the receiver.

This paintng is additionally programmed for peace and harmony where ever it is hung. It can only work for whomever it is destined for, as this is the way it is programmed. The actual symbols in this painting are currently inactive from a Reiki perspective, that is they are just symbols until I activate them.

Painted in acrylics, with unique dimensional boundaries which are my original inspiration, finished in gold, interference violet and copper, with silver metal leaf. Sealed with a non toxic water based sealant. The painting however has been left unsealed, in order for you to enjoy the subtleties of the play of high gloss, semi sheen and flat paints when gazing at the symbols, which you can see in the photo description on the Cho ku rei symbol. It is strongly recmmended to avoid use of environmental mists and harmoniser sprays anywhere near this work, to keep it looking great for many years to come.

This work is 10"x 8" (25.4x20.3cm) and comes with wires already fitted for hanging. This would be suitable for a healer's room, meditation room or any other quiet space. Not recommended in the sleeping area as Reiki can be quite energising.

I am also available to assist with customised healing paintings to enable resolving challenges of longer term duration. Please message me with your enquiries and I will see what I can do to help!