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Welcome to Ann Ravenshield Artist
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Still Life with Buddha Hand Fruit by Ann Ravenshield

Still Life with Buddha Hand Fruit by Ann Ravenshield

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Painted from life in acrylic paint with my signature style mixed media border treatment, these Buddha Hand fruits represent the fruition of walking in answered prayers. There are two forms of Buddha Hand fruit: the open and the closed forms. The latter are preferred for use by those so inclined, given they symbolise hands in prayer and they are used as special offerings to the Buddha.

Also known as fingered citron fruits, they are a type of highly aromatic lemon, which has been gaining popularity in Melbourne in recent years. They are a popular cuisine choice for making candied fruits and yet have a very short fruiting season in the early Winter and as such can be quite difficult to find in the fruit shop, as they sell quickly. This year I was in luck! I have arranged these fruits on a highly decorated fan patterned cloth, with a Japanese style fan in the background and a still life painting showing a reproduction of a sneak peek detail from another work in progress of the Exhibition Fountain at the Carlton Gardens.

The dimensions of this painting are 8"x10"x2" and the work comes fitted with D-rings and professional picture wire  on the back of the stretched canvas support.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have about this original art work, as I am happy to assist you. 



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