Victorian Artists Society Summer Exhibition 2023

One of my paintings is currently on display to the public at the Victorian Artists Society as part of the Summer Exhibition 2023. My painting was created in 2021 in Nic Chen's  art classes at the VAS before the disruptions caused by the statewide covid lockdowns. Originally exhibited in the VAS Art School and Tutors Exhibition at the VAS that same year, the circuit breaker snap lockdown saw to it that the exhibition stayed closed for the duration of the show.

I feel that it is a perfect opportunity now to show the work publicly at this event, which has well over 100 art works on display. It is interesting to see one's work in context with other art works in the gallery and it is an enriching experience as an artist to participate in these events.

Still Life Oil Study, by Ann Ravenshield 2021 (oil on linen) presented in a chic handmade Italian frame, as photographed in natural light in my studio (unretouched) Comes with an official Australian Government recognised Certificate of Authenticity.

My painting under gallery lighting in situ at the Victorian Artists Society (unretouched) Located to the left of the entry into the Frater gallery: turn sharp right at the top of the left turning staircase. Catalogue number 35.

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The details of the exhibition:

Summer Exhibition 2023, 10 - 27 February 2023 - Frater, Hammond and McCubbin Galleries at the Victorian Artists Society, 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002. Open weekdays 10am - 4pm, 11am - 4pm weekends.

To see the exhibition online:

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