The Australian National Brooch Show 2021

I am thrilled to announce that for the first time I have some works available in the Australian National Brooch Show 2021. It's nice to be able to view artist's work offline and there will be the opportunity to try and buy my early crossover work and the works of many other artists from all over Australia. The Fitzroy Library has a quirky galley style gallery with showcases of over 200 brooches in the upcoming National exhibition which opens this Saturday 8th May 11am - 1pm. The exhibition runs until August 1 and then is travelling to the Eltham Library, where the show recommences on 8th August with another try and buy event, and this showing will run through to the end of October!

My exhibited works are like a mini painting show featuring details from both acrylic and recent oil paintings and can be previewed below:

The brooches are cabochons of very high quality prints from my original works which have been bonded with clay, which is a rigorous process to get right. Because I am known to be a perfectionist when it comes to my work, some of these brooches had to be remade from scratch up to 8 times. The clay bonding process formed an almost seamless transition between the glass and the clay, which has been sealed.

Exhibition catalogue numbers to be advised.

Please note that these images were photographed by myself under my jewellery studio lighting with the latest iphone technology and so images may appear differently across different computer monitors and any related publicity of the exhibition which is reasonably beyond my control. My price point is very reasonable, set at AUD50 each. It is an unique opportunity to view and purchase my works direct from an offline venue.


Many thanks to the event organisers and volunteers who are helping to make this group show a great success!

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