Special Holiday Offer!

Whilst I have some works currently available for purchase at the Victorian Artists Society and the office is closed for the holiday break until the 11th January, in the meantime it is still possible to purchase these works, directly from me. If interested, you are welcome to message me on Instagram, where I can either reserve the work for you to purchase on this site or in my Etsy store. Work would be sent via Express Post after receipt of payment in full, at no extra expense to you. This offer is only available to people within Australia until the 10th January, 2023.

Hamsa with Green Butterfly, Ann Ravenshield 2022

The Meeting Place, Ann Ravenshield 2022

Still Life with Dragonfruit, Ann Ravenshield 2022

Still Life with Persimmon and Chestnuts, Ann Ravenshield 2021

Still Life Study, Ann Ravenshield 2020


You are welcome to contact me directly about any of these works:



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