Reiki Paintings as Portals of Healing

As there are a myriad of ways in which the gentle healing vibes of Reiki can be delivered, that is: in person, via distance, through creation of a Reiki crystal grid, Reiki charged crystals, it makes sense that the Reiki symbols themselves can transmit healing vibes through drawings and paintings to uplift the environment in which they are placed.

This is one of the first Reiki paintings I have done - this one of the empowerment and protection symbol Cho Ku Rei was painted not long after my first Reiki Mastery attunements back in 2006.

From a traditionalist viewpoint, the Reiki channel just empties themself of all thoughts, feelings and any other distraction in order to become a powerful channel for the Reiki current. The more one can find oneself in Witness state (the result of many years of one pointed meditation practice) the more available one is for the influx of the Reiki healing current and the more powerful one is as an impartial channel, where the mind must always stand aside, the ego parked outside the door and all concepts banished in order to just experience stillness and observe the influx of the Reiki healing current. This level of practice is very intimidating as the mind always likes to grasp onto something, as it is a mind's function to think: however to be effective, the mind must stand aside. Reiki works independent of thinking and is beyond the grasp of a mind that generates a thought to facilitate a desired outcome in  a specific way. This is in fact downright annoying to some people. Which is very good. :)

In the early days when I was just starting out back in the 90's, inspired by a not so salubrious situation I found myself in, yet genuinely aspiring to be of some use in an emergency capacity to offer Reiki healing, I clearly recall the energy of the Reiki space where it was so high that crystals were starting to develop a new druzy crust in the area where the attunements took place over a few days. As discussed in my last blog post, Reiki works perfectly with crystals, as they hold the charge and intensify/accelerate healing outcomes. At one quarter tuned to my first Reiki 1 it was possible to snap a twig inside a friend's throat by looking at it and gently probing with Reiki vision, as she had accidently swallowed some herbs in her mead. She was thankful ofcourse, however kept her distance after that. Successful Reiki outcomes can sometimes be like that and so it is important to keep the ego out of it, if just for self preservation and to keep positively motivated to practice.

Another one of my Reiki paintings - Sei Hi Ki is for calming highly charged harmful emotional states, useful for balancing mind and emotions.

When Reiki symbols are painted from Witness consciousness - they are very powerful conductors of healing energy. The Reiki healing vibe flows to where it is most needed, not necessarily where we think it needs to go. That being said, it is very useful for reducing pain states and calming negative emotions by going to the source of those states and resolving them. There is nowhere that Reiki can't reach. However, it is often easier to perform a Reiki healing for animals than it is for most humans, as the animals don't have any mental resistance. The Reiki will still work for  humans, however it may take a few more healing sessions to get past the resistance, whereas an animal usually needs a maximum of two healings, even then for shorter duration.

This painting of a Qilin (Chinese Unicorn) is surrounded by Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol empowerments done for a feng shui application.


The above image is for enabling balance of mind and emotions in extremely challenging situations. The reasoning behind making Reiki paintings, is so they can silently transmit healing at an uptake rate the people in that environment are ready and willing to integrate. To ensure this happens, the works are simply programmed. When needing a break, they can be placed in silk bags to contain the current and stored.

This green butterfly image is the result of a couple of nights of recurring dreams about a green butterfly with a Reiki detachment spiral made out of flour. I found a painting that had been scheduled for the tip, however never got there due to the lengthy lockdown here in Melbourne this year. It was on this painting that the dream detail needed to be added. However that was not all, the detail at the bottom was added today (31/10) after further dreams last night.

The first completed work in my new series came out yesterday and it is done with the intention to remove blockages, no matter where they are, to ferret them out and systematically remove them, in order to move forwards into the free light of a new day. Perfect timing, given that the long protracted lockdown situation here in Melbourne over the past two years is ending this week as the vaccination rates against this dreadful virus are reaching the 80% then 90% targets set by the state government.

More can be found out about my latest Reiki Grid painting here:



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