Red Dots Everywhere!

The Opening event of the Australian National Brooch Show was a great success. I was helping out with the sales where each volunteer was put in charge of individual display cabinets. I was looking after two cabinets and it was crazy busy and so much fun.

The week before it was crazy fun helping out to set up the cabinets with over 300 art brooches.

Volunteers hard at work setting up the cabinets - photo creds to Robert Lee

I didn't get a chance to photograph my work in situ, as I left tired after a hard day's work setting up, then straight into helping out with sales at the opening. By the time I got the opportunity to photograph my work in situ at the exhibition, all my work had sold. A fun day was had by all and the weather was perfect. I am sure there will be plenty of happy mums around this Mother's day!

Many thanks to the Contemporary Arts Society of Victoria Inc for this initiative. It really was a great event. Thank you to all the artists, volunteers and people who turned up to the Opening event, to make it all happen.



Catalogue Entries:


Because of the resounding success with sales of my crossover pieces, similar brooches will be available on this website soon.

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