Orange Nazar Mixed Media Challenge

For something completely different I found myself working with alcohol ink on canvas for the first time and not knowing what to expect, I was surprised with the results. I then layered fabric, silk paper, copy paper and many many MANY beads.


After about four days and nights I emerged from the studio with Orange Nazar! The point of it? Ah! Yes it was created in  response to a non traditional themed exhibition, Pushing the Boundaries - which is currently on show at the Victorian Artists Society, where participants were challenged to create an art work without using any traditional materials. That is: no watercolours, oil paints, acrylic paints, pencils or pastels. I stuck to those limits and broke into new creative ground.

To find out more about this painting online, you are welcome to visit and while you're there you are also welcome to check out my profile and ofcourse Pushing the Boundaries Exhibition to see all the responses to the theme of creating non traditional art.


Orange Nazar in situ in the Cato Gallery


If you are in East Melbourne area, you are welcome to view the art work at the Victorian Artists Society, where it is located in the Cato Gallery, M-F10-4 S/S11-4  until April 3 Thank you for reading this far and also for visiting!

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