New! Still Life Kilt Pin Brooches

The above image is one of the prototypes made for product testing prior to making the actual art brooches pictured below for the Australian National Brooch Show 2022.The dimensions in the exhibition design brief meant that the beads could only extend to the bottom of the tile, given the kilt pin takes up quite alot of the size allowance. I have kept the beaded version for my own reference pending further creative exploration with this brooch form.
These latest fruit themed brooches made for the Australian National Brooch Show 2022, in the style of my contemporary acrylic fruit portraits, are made from polymer clay to emulate the look of kiln fired ceramics. My Great Aunt Winnie used to make ceramic jewellery in the middle part of the 20th century - her range included brooches, pendants, clip on earrings and small decorator items. I was fascinated when I saw her creations when visiting her home in Folkstone UK back in the 70s on an overseas trip from Australia. She was very talented and little did she realise that she seeded my interest in making clay jewellery albeit using modern materials. I am sure she would have loved polymer clay and the creative possibilities this medium presents.  These works were a learning curve for me as it is the first time I have worked at this scale of approximately 40mmx30mm using this kiln fired ceramic style finish. The colouring process is difficult to get just right and was done after a week of contemplation. In all the brooches took three weeks to make after alot of experimentation with the kilt pin and the size constraints which were part of the exhibition design brief.
Working clockwise from top left:
1. Still Life with Pomegranate, Blueberries and All Seeing Eye
2.Still Life with Avocado and All Seeing Eye
3.Still Life with Figs and All Seeing Eye
4. Still Life with Fingered Citron and All Seeing Eye
5. Still Life with Grapes, Gold Apple, All Seeing Eye and Citrine
These 5 wearable works of art will be available for viewing in person at the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria's annual Australian National Brooch Show 2022. The Opening Event which is an opportunity to Try and Buy (and to take home your brooches on the day) is on 23rd April, 11am - 1pm at the Fitzroy Library. The first show will continue until June 26th and then move to the Eltham Library, where there will be a second Try and Buy event on July 1. The exhibition will continue there until August 31. The brooches are also available via the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria's website. Works purchased via the website will be available after the exhibition closes.
Last year's event was a great success, (Covid be damned!) with over 300 brooches available for sale and selling fast at the Opening event in Fitzroy (held between government lockdowns). I heard it on the grapevine that the brooch show in Melbourne was the largest globally last year, beating the main rival in New York. It certainly is fun participating in this event, which has become my favourite exhibition, possibly because it's such a hands on opportunity for exhibiting volunteers to help make the show a success for everyone. 

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