New Peacock Angel Hamsa Art

After participating in about 8 group exhibitions so far this year, whilst exciting and fun, I have decided to just focus on creating a new body of work back in the studio for awhile. This new hamsa was made following an epiphany, according to an intuitively driven new technique involving 8 curings over a 10 day period.
This hamsa is possibly one of the most complex pieces, involving a range of processes that I have made to date. The body of the hamsa has thee separate inner layers which adds an inner strength to the overall piece. The central peacock feather detail, is from one of my acrylic paintings and has been through at least three separate curings, which is a delicate process when working with photo cabochons, to ensure the integrity of the image is maintained.
The back of this piece has been heavily textured with a "feather" pattern, to allow aeration behind the piece when in position on the wall and also to enable an easier grip when handling the piece. Hand stamped on the back with artist's mark.
Also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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