Reiki Crystal Gridding


Crystals may be utilised to conduct Reiki vibes for pretty much any purpose. This basic crystal grid set up is made up of merlinite, three raw crystal points from Arkansas and one from Tibet. The engraved amethyst in the middle is a palm stone with the Reiki protection symbol engraved upon it. This Reiki stone is part of a set purchased from Cast a Stone which can be found online in a google search. The healing intention is set underneath the palm stone and the dried lavender is there to assist in keeping the altar clear of unwanted vibes.



With a background in Reiki spanning over two decades, equipped with double Reiki Mastery certifications, I have encountered many situations which have responded well to the profound simplicity of Reiki treatment, in person and via distance. Now that we live in such tumultuous times, in person Reiki treatments and face to face teaching are for this time a thing of the past. However many items can be charged with Reiki vibrations and worn for peace of mind and protection. Also distance Reiki by proxy, with the use of photos or a surrogate (think Reiki bears) is just as effective in delivering Reiki vibes for many situations.





Jewellery is another way of crystal gridding at a personal level and is also programmable with Reiki. It is also wise to energy clear jewellery periodically by smudgng with sage, palo santo or even better, by getting resourceful and using dried herbs such as rosemary fom your own garden, which has a stronger personal connection because of it's intimate proximity. The crystal  in the detailed photo above, is set in clay which is suited to the smudging method of cleansing.

Knotted jewellery is also suited for smudging with incense. The above group of close up shots show smudging done with dry herbs and a charcoal block inside an iron cauldron. Black snake root was used for cleansing and protection.

For jewellery that is set in metal they can be placed out under the moon or in the sun ( a window sill is fine)  to naturally recharge them. However care should be taken with amethyst which can fade if left in the sun.

If you are interested to try this out, to experience for yourself the gentle vibrations of Reiki infused jewellery for a specific short term intent, just leave a message during checkout and I will infuse your purchase with Reiki for free for 60 days.

Take care and stay safe during these unprecedented times! 💜


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