Happy New Year 2022!


In ancient times Janus, the ancient Roman solar deity, was celebrated around the New Year, when people focussed on leaving the old year behind and welcoming in the New Year and making preparations for the times ahead. Whilst this may be more challenging in these times with ongoing Covid disruptions all over the world, it is still possible to use this time to hone in on one's vision for one's life. It doesn't have to be a grand plan, it could be something smaller well within one's control whilst living in an environment of on again off again government mandated home isolation. With the vaccine rollouts hopefully these mass statewide lockdowns are a thing of the past and we can look forward to living with the virus in ways that still enable people to do their own thing as much as possible, without endangering themselves or others.

Over the past eight years it has become a tradition at The Art of Laughin Annie to celebrate Janus at the New Year and nothing gives me more pleasure than making these simple tokens of New Year joy, honouring Janus and hopefully spreading that joy at the same time!


From The Art of Laughin Annie I wish my customers, clients, supporters, well wishers and their families and friends a very Happy New Year and good times ahead in 2022!


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